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Harry reviews FUNNY PEOPLE...

... However, it is Torsten Voges as Dr. Lars - who completely steals the film for me. I recognized him right off as being one of the Nihilist from THE BIG LEBOWSKI - but Sandler and Rogen's ribbing is constantly funny, if only because of Torsten's uncomfortable reaction to their bullshit. He makes it real. At the party scene later, when he delivers the line he delivers. FUCKING FRIED GOLD!!! Torsten Voges is awesome! So Awesome!

Roger Ebert reviews:

... The thing about "Funny People" is that it's a real movie. That means carefully written dialogue and carefully placed supporting performances -- and it's about something.
Apatow understands that every supporting actor has to pull his weight. The casting director who found him Torsten Voges to play George's doctor earned a day's pay. Voges is in some eerie, bizarre way convincing as a cheerful realist bringing terrible news: miles better than your stereotyped grim movie surgeon.